Foods That Create Inflammation – Should You Avoid Them?

You will be surprised to know that every third person in the US suffers from the signs and symptoms of inflammation. The reason for such a high figure is the hectic schedule and eating habits. Majority of us, daily consume 10 times the ideal quantity of foods that create inflammation.

Foods that create inflammation in the body are the ones that we eat daily as processed, oily, and fried food. Some of them are – red meat, flour, safflower oil, sunflower oil, hemp oil, etc. All of these are rich in omega6 fatty acids, which have inflammation property. Therefore, it is in our interest to reduce the intake of foods that create inflammation to the maximum possible level. In addition, we should start on an anti-inflammatory diet too.

Anti-inflammatory diet consists of omega three fats. Few food sources are flax seeds, nuts, and cold-water fish. Of all the sources, oily fish is the best. This is because it contains DHA omega3 fat. Our body can convert DHA to a chemical called Resolvin D2, which is a very effective anti-inflammatory agent. Flax seeds and nuts contain ALA form of omega 3 fats. Though the body can convert ALA to DHA, because since this is a complex and ineffective process. It is recommended that we eat DHA food sources directly.

As we discussed above, fish is the rich source of DHA. Hence, its regular consumption can be helpful in reducing excess of inflammation in the body. However, because of increasing pollution in ocean waters, fish caught from them are also tainted. Obviously, you will not eat the harmful toxins to increase DHA levels in the body.

Easy and feasible option is to take fish oil supplements. Since these supplements are made from oily fish, they are rich in DHA. In addition, because they undergo various refining methods during their manufacturing process, they are toxin free too.

In conclusion, for a healthy living, we should avoid foods that create inflammation and should include an omega3 fish oil supplement in our daily diet regimen. For best results, look out supplements made from fish that are naturally high in DHA. Effective supplement undergoes the molecular distillation process to ensure that all toxins are removed and the result is of pharmaceutical grade quality.

Studies have proven that a blend of hoki oil and tuna oil is twice more effective in controlling body’s inflammation cycle as in comparison to any other supplement available in the market.

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