Benefits of Rick Simpson Hemp Oil

Hemp oil, as the name implies, is the concentrated extracts of a hemp plant. It’s used for a diversity of purposes and offers several excellent health benefits such as providing essential amino acids and curing different medical conditions etc.

One word of caution: It’s always good to consult your doctor prior to having hemp oil (or any nutritional supplement for that matter), so as to ensure proper dosage, because everyone has a different tolerance level. What is moderate for the others may be extreme for you. That is why it’s important to take your doctor’s guidance.

Without further ado, here are some of the major benefits of using hemp oil:

Rejuvenates Your Skin
It contains several fatty acids that are known to be conducive to healthy skin. These acids provide your skin with adequate moisture and nourishment, something that it needs desperately to remain rejuvenated.  As a matter of fact, it‘s one of the key elements of skin products such as face creams, body lotions etc solely because it’s natural and therefore, minimizes the possibility of side effects (if any).

Furthermore, performing a face massage with hemp oil may prove to be quite beneficial. First, it aids substantially in clearing dead skin cells. And secondly, it acts as an anti-aging agent. Great, isn’t it?

Great for Hair
Another great benefit of using this oil is that it makes your hair look fuller, stronger and shinier. No wonder it’s commonly used in different types of hair products such as shampoos, hair-oils etc. According to studies, hemp oil has shown to reduce hair loss and scalp inflection significantly. So if you happen to be a victim of the mentioned problems, Rick Simpson hemp oil is the ideal solution.

As with skincare, hemp oil facilitates in smooth circulation of blood to the head and brain, thus ensuring healthy hair and scalp.

Adequate Provision of Protein
According to Dr Andrew Weil, director for the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, one-fourth of this oil is comprised of protein. Additionally, the amino acids found in protein are given in a similar proportion, to that of eggs and meat and therefore making it a great secondary source of high quality protein.

Unlike other oils, Rick Simpson hemp oil only comprises those protein and amino acids that are essential to the body and its functional system, while omitting those that just add unwanted calories.

Treatment of Various Medical Conditions
One of the greatest benefits of hemp oil is that is can be used to treat various medical conditions such as deficiencies, chronic pains, arthritis and even cancer (initial stages). Studies suggest that it contains traces of THC, a key ingredient of Cannabis responsible for killing cancer cells in the body.

Moreover, it has also been efficacious in mitigating chemotherapy side effects that are usually faced by people suffering from cancer. Interestingly, reports show that the small amount of THC found in hemp oil reduced the size of tumor existing in the lung and even prevented it from diffusing in other