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Hemp Genix comes direct from the manufacturing where the Chemist that formulated our products is. We are the retail store of our manufacturing Facility. We have the highest quality and solutions on the market, PERIOD. 


The only Real company offering the widest variety of CBD Oil Products

Hemp Genix™ is truly the ultimate professional and quality design CBD Products on the market.
  • Pure CBDa + CBD Oils

    We offer 100mg,150mg,250mg,500mg and 1500mg Bottles. 6 flavors: Regurlar/ Vanilla/Blueberry/Banana Cream Pie/Green Apple/Strawberry

  • Oils, Skin Care, Body, Vap Oils, Pets & CBD Oil Cosmetics

    We have your full and only company with full line of oils and cosmetics with CBD

CBD Product Features

Here is our line of CBD Products available

Highest Formulation Available

Highest level of formulation and quality from our in-house chemist. We start with the highest quality oil and then produce them into the highest quality of CBD Products on the Market.

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD Drops:  15mg serving dosage in a 1/2 oz oral dropper / 225mg (15x15mg single servings)

CBD Drops:  30mg serving dosage in a 1/2 oz oral dropper / 450mg  (15x30mg single servings)

Drops come in 6 flavors: Regurlar / Vanilla/Blueberry/Banana Cream Pie/Green Apple/Strawberry

CBD Skin Care

CBD Balm Rub (massage rub)

CBD Body Butter

CBD Pain Relief rub

CBD Vap Oils

CBD Vape Oil

30mg single dosage

(Kit with pen, charger & filled cartridge Is a free gift)


Pet CBD Oil Products

CBD Animal / Pet drops 15mg Single Dosage

Hemp Shampoo & conditioner (Humans & Pets)

Pet CBD Oil


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